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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a charter school?

Charter schools are new, innovative public schools that are accountable for student results. They are designed to deliver specific programs tailored to educational excellence and the needs of the communities they serve.

Charter schools are:

  • Legislatively authorized public schools

  • A school of choice that involves both a choice to attend AND, by doing so, choosing to support the specific program and policies of that school

  • Free and available to all students

  • Non-profit corporations

  • Operated by independent board of directors

  • Entrepreneurial and reform oriented

2. Is it true that my child may attend this school no matter what school district we live in?

Yes, students from Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Lakeland, Bonner, and Boundary County School Districts may attend at no cost. This also applies to students attending private schools and those who are presently attending school at home. A charter school is a public school. Enrollment is open and available to all students.


3. What is the cost?

There is no additional cost to the students that reside in the state of Idaho. This is part of the public school system.


4. Will you teach only math and science?

Idaho state standards for all subject areas will be met and exceeded. Subjects taught will include math, science, health, social studies, reading, music, and language arts.


5. What are your beliefs about students being able to achieve?

We are committed to helping young people reach their goals and helping them develop the skills needed to succeed, not just in school, but in life. Students need to be active participants in their learning, parents need to encourage their child to reach their goals, and teachers need to give them the tools and guidance to be successful.


6. Is parent involvement a high priority at North Idaho STEM Charter Academy?

Parent involvement is generally recognized as perhaps the strongest predictor of an individual student's educational success.  Your support for the school and your child's teacher is key in speaking with one voice while guiding children towards success.    All volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation, and submit to a background check.


7. Does North Idaho STEM Charter Academy provide busing?

North Idaho STEM Charter Academy does not offer busing. Busing becomes much more complex when the attendance area of one school covers such a large area. The goal of North Idaho STEM Charter Academy is to be well- organized through parent leadership with carpools.


8. Does North Idaho STEM Charter Academy provide a hot lunch program?

North Idaho STEM Charter Academy does not provide a hot lunch program.


9. Are uniforms required?

Yes, students are required to abide by the dress code. Our desire is to secure their commitment to an educational community whose purpose is student success and character development. Dress codes reduce the emphasis society places on outward appearance with the expectation that emphasis will be focused on character.  Please read the Student Handbook.  It is clearly outlined.  When in doubt, read the "Test for Appropriateness".


10. What grades are served by the North Idaho STEM Charter Academy?

North Idaho STEM Charter Academy is currently serving K-12th.


11. Is North Idaho STEM Charter Academy a good place for my child if he/she has had discipline problems at another school?

We are not a reform school. We do not discriminate. The school supports rigorous academic excellence and expects self-disciplined students. We will have high expectations for appropriate, positive behavior and will encourage all students to reach their goals.


12. What is the expectation of students who have been struggling academically elsewhere and are interested in attending North Idaho STEM Charter Academy?

The school encourages a high work ethic from a student who is motivated to learn and to do the work required. If a student currently has academic challenges, parents need to consider whether their child is motivated to learn and take chances. A change of scenery alone does not change motivation. Strong parental support in helping their child develop a good work ethic and appropriate behavior contributes considerably to their child's academic success and in becoming a good citizen.


13. Class size?

Kindergarten (class size =22 )
1st grade (class size = 24)
2nd grade (class size = 24)
3rd grade (size= 26)
4th grade (class size = 28)
5th grade and up (class size =30)

14. Are you part of Lakeland School District?

No, we are our own Local Educational Agency and are authorized by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission and under the same laws as all other public schools in Idaho.


15.  Can we bring homemade items for student's birthday?

Only purchased  items are allowed for celebrations at the school per recommendations by the Idaho State Dept of Health as well as the Idaho State Dept. of Education. Birthday treats are only allowed on the actual birth date.


16.  Is there an age requirement for kindergarten?

Per Idaho State Code 33-201, children must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st to be eligible to attend kindergarten.


17.  How are parents notified of school closures?  

We will post school closures on our website and Facebook as well as notify the 3 local news stations, KHQ-6, KREM-2, and KXLY-4


18.  What are the days and hours school is in session?

STEM Charter is in session 4 days a week from 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.